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Web Developers Still A Profession?

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Are Web Developers A Neccessity In Todays Businesses?

As the age of tech and 4th Industrial Revolution is here, are many services that have been provided in the past 20 years still relevant today. Yes technology gets simpler and is increasingly more and more available to the broader community. So is having a web developer really nessacary when one can use a tech company like Wix, Shopify or Woo-commerce? Well that depends on a few factors which in all depends what your end objectives of having a website are. The following be questionare might be worth asking:

  • 1. Do you want full ownership of your domain (website name or address)?
  • 2. Do you want to control the size of email storage associated with email address/es?
  • 3. Do you want full capacity in managing your Search Optimisation on Search Engines?
  • 4. Will your website require specific functions eg. calculations, interactions on the website etc.?
  • 5. Do you want your website to function and e designed the exact way you envision it?

If your answer is yes to most or all the above. You might want not to use big tech companies website builders and have a web developer, design and develop your home on the web.

Story by - Blu Inc. 15-April-2022